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  • The 90949 cooler is the most popular model among the Lifetime cooler among customers.
  • Its capacity is 52 L.
  • Perfect for meetings with friends or longer trips.
  • Excellent temperature insulation is possible thanks to the precise manufacture of urethane foam surrounded by polypropylene.
  • High-quality material keeps the refrigerator cool for up to 5 days *, and you can enjoy fresh, cool products throughout your trip.
  • The latches are made in a way that allows you to easily open and close the cooler with one hand. Thanks to this, you will quickly and efficiently get to the contents of the refrigerator.
  • There is room for a full-size padlock on the front. This will allow you to prevent the cooler from emptying it by animals.
  • The padlock hole is also a stainless steel bottle opener. Thanks to its convenient location, you can open a bottle of beer immediately while taking it out of the ice-filled refrigerator.
  • Cooler is convenient to be carried by two people. Plastic handles are placed on nylon ropes. This allows the refrigerator to move smoothly when you move it, and it is comfortable to carry.
  • You can also attach additional camping equipment to the strings.

Technical data:

Outer dimensions: 68.6 x 44.7 x 43.8 cm (L x W x H)

Inner dimensions: 49.5-55.9 x 26.9-33 x 31.8 cm (L x W x H)

Capacity: 52.05 l

Weight: 10.6 kg

Material: urethane foam, polypropylene

Material of the handles: polypropylene

Warranty: 5 years

100% Made in USA

The refrigerators are 100% made in the USA. Americans know how to cool food like no other. It was there that, at the beginning of the 20th century, the first refrigerators were sold, first ordinary electric ones, and later, along with the growing popularity of spending time outdoors, tourist ones.

Constant chill

The fridge keeps it cool for up to 7 days *. If you arrange the ice properly and package the products, you are guaranteed that they will remain safe for a long time.

Lifetime coolers have been tested how long they stay cool in relation to other brands and are among the absolute world leaders, taking second place.

Below is a chart showing the test result for which a 73L refrigerator was used.

Test Procedure: The refrigerators were placed at room temperature. The test was carried out in a laboratory at 22 ° C. The refrigerators were filled with 0.5 kg of ice per 1 L of capacity. Electronic thermometers were used. The test was complete when the temperature in the refrigerator had risen to 4 ° C.

* The condition for maintaining the temperature for such a long time is to follow the directions for packing the contents.

Resistance to all conditions

The refrigerators are extremely durable. Their resistance to harsh external conditions has been tested by specialists from the USA on the grizzly bear paddock. A huge mammal, weighing up to 680 kg and claws up to 15 cm long, after an hour of fighting with the refrigerator, was only able to bite its outer layer. This means that whatever the circumstances, the contents of your refrigerator will be safe.

Endless possibilities

Holidays, weekend trips outside the city, parties on the plot, kayaking, picnic, beach ... It's difficult to even count all the situations in which a Lifetime cooler is useful. Due to its durability, you can easily use it as a table or just sit on it.

Application examples:

Camping holidays: Going camping? Take a cooler with you. In addition to a safe place to store cool food and drinks, you can use it as a table or sit on it.
Weekend trip: Want to go out of town for two days? Are you taking your family or friends with you? With the Lifetime tour cooler, you always have cool drinks close at hand.
May weekend on the plot: Are you spending a long weekend with friends on the plot? Beer cooler will ensure that you will not run out of cold beer throughout your trip.
Fishing: Are you planning to spend a few days in the water fishing? You no longer have to worry about storing food during this time.
Hunting: If you are a hunter and hunting, the refrigerator will come in handy for storing pieces of meat.
Home use: You are not planning any trips or events yet? The Lifetime cooler will even come in handy at home. You can leave it in the basement and put vegetables in it, which in such conditions will stay fresh for much longer.


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