• Your data protection and security when shopping:
We value the security of your private data. The processing of registration data will take place in compliance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Law, therefore:
  • The information provided by you without your consent will not be transferred to third parties or used without prior agreement with you.
  • You will not be required to enter any financial information in the registration process. The data should be entered only to complete the shipping accompanying documents


1.1. The current privacy policy is provided to show how company SIA Sedos, registration no: LV41203067016, legal address: Brīvības iela 9-14, Talsi, Talsu nov., LV-3201 (hereinafter – Seller ) collects, uses un processes a personal information submitted by the Customer at the Seller’s Website .

1.2. This Privacy policy covers the Seller’s Website (hereinafter - Website),owned and administrated by the Seller.

1.3. This Privacy policy relates to the getting, using, publishing,transfering and saving the data of the Customer or the user of this Website .


2.1. The personal data is considered the information , wich the Seller gets from the Customer with his permittion to fulfill the agreed contract as well as to contact with the Customer.

2.2. The collecting of the Customers’data happens when the Customer gives his contact information ( name, surname,postal address , telephone number, e-mail address) in this Website.

2.3. The collecting of the Customers’data happens , when the Customer makes purchases in the Website and gives the contact information or saves the information to agree about the most preferred fulfillment of the purchase.

2.4. By making purchases in the Website, all personal data of the Customer is a confidential information except in the cases provided by the legislation.

2.5. The Seller also collects other information , not applicable to a certain person (gender,age,language,residing place) , being collected only for statistics.

2.6.The Seller can inform Customers about the goods, events and news by using the collected data.

2.7.  Payment processing is provided by the payment platform, therefore our company transfers personal data, that is necessary for the execution of payments, to the platform owner Maksekeskus AS

2.8. The Seller can delete his name from the list of the target group at any time , if he doesn’t want to get an information about the goods, events and news.

2.9. The Buyer has the right not agreed the processing of his / her personal data, with your consent at any time. However, without the required information, there is no way to complete the purchase, as the seller will not be able to complete your order.

2.10. The Customer’s data is used to deliver the goods and fulfill the liabilities in accordance with the purchase contract of the goods.

2.11. The Buyer informs the Seller about the deletion of data or withdrawal of consent by e-mail:

2.12. The Seller commits to do all the necessary to ensure a proper safety of the data.

3.1. The data of the Client are available at Website in the section My personal information.

3.2. The Seller commits to ensure accuracy and compliance of the collected data of the Client.

3.3. The Customer informs the Seller about the data changes by e-mail:

4. Access to the data

4.1. The Seller can reveal the Customers’ data , if there is a reason to consider, that :

  • The information is necessary to identify, state or start legal actions against a person , who can cause any harm to another person or the Seller , jeopardizing its rights, property or activity, as well as to expose to such or similar risks another users and/or persons of this Website.
  • It must be done in accordance with legislative acts or in cases when required by the competent authorities.

4.2. The Customer, by submitting a written application, has a right to get an information as follows :

  • What information was collected about him, the source of an information, when the last data change was accomplished.
  • What was the purpose of the data processing, the information about the receivers of the data.

5. Usage of Internet protocol addresses

5.1. IP adrdess is a body of numbers, which is being assigned to the computer automatically each time , when the user connects to his internet service provider, and it is possible to identify automatically the user’s computer by the IP address above.

5.2. The Seller can aggregate the addresses above for the purpose of system administration and audit of the Website. The Seller has no target to add the user’s IP address to the information identifying his personality and that means that each session of the user is being registered , but the user itself stays anonymous.

5.3. The Seller can use IP addresses with a target to identify the user of the Website in the situations when it considers it necessary to ensure the compliance of the user’s behaviour with the terms of the Website usage or to protect the Website or other users.

6. Cookies

6.1. Cookies are small text files giving information about frequency the user visits the Website and what exactly user does during his sessions.Cookies doesn’t contain any identifying information of the person, but if the user gives such information the it can be linked up with the data contained by the cookie. More about cookies here

6.2. The Seller can put cookies in the user’s internet browsers.

7. Safety

7.1. The Seller uses safe data systems and is ready , if necessary, to perform additional safety actions to protect users’ data from disappearing, malicious usage and transforming.

7.2. Access to the Website’s users information has only an authorized employees of the Seller.The Seller performs protective actions but that is not a warranty that the loss of data , malicious usage or changes in them won’t happen.

8. Mandatory regulations

8.1. By entrusting personal data and/or other private information,the user of the Website confirms that they recognize this privacy policy as mandatory and they acknowledge that the Seller has a right to use their information in accordance of the terms and volumes stated in this document.

9. Modifications

The terms of this Privacy Policy can be updated at any time , so the users are asked to review them regularly.